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Interesting concept for an idle game, but it needs more content. Actually the "idle" part of the game is kind of pointless because the money the business make is insignificant. I've worked my way up to $1x10^50 from gambling and there just isn't anything else to do. Really not enough here to keep the game interesting, even for an idle game. But it has potential...

For people having a hard time getting started or getting past a certain level, here's what i did...
Start out with umbra, she's by far the strongest starting character. as you level her, put ALL of her stat points on luck only. Use your skill points on the master skill so you can have allies. Once you are able to control a few creatures, go to the "River King" (the first boss) level. Killing him multiple times for me yeilded many powerful charms and equips, this boss seems more prone to good drops early on in game. Once you've found a few +10 Defense/life/strength charms you should be good to cruise through the rest of the game, even those god forsaken Dough Nuts

I have a level 60 Umbra with pure luck stat and she's cutting through hard mode just fine. With the gear drops that she finds I was able to create an Atal tank that walked through the entire game in normal mode without taking any damage...

As for the game itself... Great game, great concept, but like many said before me riddled with bugs. My main character picked up one of the cursed "rune blades" and now cannot use one of my inventory slots. Many times I've had to save/quit because of invisible enemies at the end of a stage. 4/5 taking a star for bugs and a few game features that seemed redundant/useless. Big fan of this series and would love to see you expand on it even more!

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this game sounds like popcorn.

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Awesome stuff

I loved the first one, and this one is even better!

Unfortunately I wasn't OCD enough to catch what the OCD upgrade did.

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It's ball in a cup!

Thanks for bringing ball in a cup to newgounds... This game looked good and functioned very well. it had solid physics and most of the levels where laid out nicely. but the overall gameplay value lacked big time. many of the leves where just plain out annoying (I know saying so condems this revew to be marked "useless") many levels require you to take many tries to: get ball into place, set up you shot, miss shot, repeat. this where "challenge" meets annoyance. I'm not speaking out of frustration, but the repetiveness of some levels killed the gamepay.

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This is badass!

The gameplay is remarkably smooth and physics are incredable. I love the aplication of Newtonian physics, it really shines through. The unlockables and extra material where a great addition, and quite interesting. There are enough levels to keep me interested and this has definate replay value. I have to say I'm quite impressed with this one, a definite 10/10 Congrats!

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It lacks substance. You should be able to hit those coin boxes with the shell or something. There isn't much here to keep me interested really. spice it up a little.

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Increadably usefull

Wow this is usefull to just about anyone of any skill level. I had some trouble with the sound scripts given in the sound action script section however, that may need some clarifying. All in all, this is a very powerfull learning tool, thanks guys.

Nice Idea

It's cool that the cards shuffle, but you can still keep track of whats what (kinda). it's a good spin on an old classic.

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weexi responds:


Simple yet addictive.

This is pretty fun for how simple it is. All the art is very well done, the guy looks good and waisted. Great song too.

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